pure. : Where Veganism Meets Contemporary Art

pure. : Where Veganism Meets Contemporary Art

pure. : Where Veganism Meets Contemporary Art

Forget 'meh' meals - you won't find that at pure.! This vegan restaurant is something special. From its sleek design to the inventive dishes, your taste buds will be in for a treat as soon as they walk through the door. Even better? There's an amazing story behind it all too, so who knows what delicious surprises await! It doesn't get fresher than this; non-vegans and vegans alike, this is one culinary adventure you'll definitely want to check out!



Introducing vegan restaurant/café/concept pure., located in the Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg or as most people know it MUDAM, this blog is a journey into the story of how this unique establishment came to be and why it might be your favourite new hangout place. With an aim to expand people's perception of veganism and present them with exciting places to discover, pure. offers delicious, plant-based cuisine, inspiring interiors and great vibes. By giving you a chance to learn more about this notable vegan hotspot, hopefully, we can convince you that veganism is not only nutritious but bursting with flavours, also here in Luxembourg!

Dishes from pure. - Fruit, Juices, Cakes© Jeff Poitier


pure. – A vegan restaurant experience like no other

Taking a step into the MUDAM, you find something unexpected among the exhibits. Stepping inside pure., it is clear that this is no ordinary eating experience. This vegan restaurant presents a unique combination of vegan dining and purposely slowing-down the present that has been carefully crafted under the guidance of "The Kitchen Wanderer" – Fabrizio Annicchiarico. Boasting the freshest, local and plant-based ingredients while respecting seasons, pure. isn’t just your regular vegan spot; it’s a full experience complete with delicious combinations at each meal and an introspective approach. Whether you are religious or not, this restaurant will make you wonder about your purpose in life, where you are right now and where you actually should be.

A picture from inside pure. - A wall, tree© VegaSnacks

pure. is a vegan restaurant that goes beyond ordinary dining experiences with its mission to expand people's views on veganism and show that plant-based cuisine can be both nutritious and full of flavour. By offering an inviting atmosphere, fresh local ingredients, and thought-provoking meals that are sure to excite your taste buds and leave you feeling energised!


Chef's Touch behind pure. - How the restaurant concept was born

Picture of Fabrizio Annicchiarico - Founder of pure© Jeff Poitier

When Fabrizio Annicchiarico made the life-changing decision to leave his real estate job, having 2 children, loans and living in Luxembourg City, he was taking a huge risk. 18 years of working in what he considered the traditional route (Finances, Real Estate) had left him feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and after an argument with his boss, led him to quit on Christmas day. He decided it was time to take control of his life. Fabrizio comes from an Italian gastronomy family, so instead of following down the same path as before, this time he chose to pursue his passion for culinary arts and healthy-living.


He started again at zero, the bottom of the ladder as he explained to us, by helping out and cooking in the evening at a friend's restaurant, and people immediately fell in love with his creations. This success led him to create one of the first food truck companies in Luxembourg - Food Porn Company - where he supplied hungry event and festival visitors with his creations, especially his Gnocchi with Truffles, and eventually took over Oak, a restaurant in Luxembourg City, in 2019. He served 8000 dishes annually in Oak following his concept of healthy and eco-responsible cuisine until the Covid-19 pandemic put everything on ice.


The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on the world, and its effects have been especially hard for restaurant owners. Oak was no exception to this, and as lockdowns came and went, his restaurant business not only had to close its physical doors, but it also saw a dramatic decline in customers, Oak managed to survive, but hardly. As the third lockdown rolled in late 2021 forcing him to close his doors again, he was ready to give in and stop.

But before giving up, Fabrizio put a last-ditch effort into his restaurant business by reinjecting financial resources in January 2022, hoping to be able to stay afloat - That investment saved him.


In April 2022, a woman with red hair visited Oak, explained Fabrizio, who would change the course of his career. The woman was the director of MUDAM, the Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg and she had come to see his work first-hand. Impressed by his passion for creating nutritious and flavourful plant-based meals, she offered him an opportunity to work out a concept in MUDAM. This was exactly what Fabrizio had been hoping for - a break he needed in order to keep his dream alive! Seeing this as a sign of hope, he took the chance and created pure. a realisation of everything that Fabrizio represents in a bigger, brighter and more creative space - MUDAM.


For Fabrizio, pure. represented more than a restaurant. It was an opportunity to finally showcase his own concept and what he stands for: creating nutritious and flavourful plant-based meals without compromising on taste or aesthetics, using only fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.


"You are not a corn in the desert, you have an impact" & "Align your Actions with your Values" is what Fabrizio Annicchiarico stands for.

The story behind pure. is one that resonates with many of us: one full of passion, ambition, hard work and the commitment to stay true to your values no matter how uncertain the journey along the way may seem.

Picture from inside pure - Wide open Space with Tables& Chairs© VegaSnacks


Where Artistry Meets Cuisine – Taste the Difference in pure.

All that Storytelling made us... hungry! And if you're looking for a unique experience where artistry meets cuisine, look no further than pure.

All the recipes are designed by Fabrizio and feature only fresh & local ingredients, to make sure you taste the difference in every bite. The menu is diverse and you can choose from various soups and bowls as well as their unique (and delicious!) vegan raw cakes and pastries, organic lemonades, an impressive selection of wines, hot drinks like tea or coffee and even spritzers or cocktails to enjoy.

Vegan Raw Cake from pure© VegaSnacks

The space itself is aesthetically furnished, not other to expect for a concept located in the Contemporary Art Museum. Minimalistic and aesthetic furniture, in a general wide open space, provide an ideal setting that allows your mind to wander between food and art and discover your purpose while your tongue is busy processing the flavour explosion on your plate!

Conclusion - The Power of Passion

"Plant-based is the future"
This is how Fabrizio would explain pure. in 3 (actually 5) words.
It’s safe to say that pure. is the place to be. For vegans & non-vegans, it offers an exciting new take on vegan dishes, putting the focus on fresh ingredients, tasty mixes and everything that a modern concept has to give, putting this all in the surrounding of contemporary art in a space that excels with aesthetic and openness and you got everything that you could ever wish for.
pure. is a testament to the increasing acceptance and demand for veganism in Luxembourg. While still only a handful of restaurants embrace it, Veganism is no longer a niche trend, but rather gaining traction as more and more people strive to diversify their diets and lifestyles.
The story of pure. is one of following one's values and bringing them to life with intense passion, energy and action. As Fabrizio showed and likes to tell "The butterfly effect is real", go out there, start by changing YOUR world and see how life around you evolves.
Even if making such a huge leap of faith and dedication doesn’t come naturally, we can all start small - by simply trying the delicious raw cake at pure.

Go on, live your values - go experience pure



Visit pure.


Mudam Luxembourg –

Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean

3 Park Drai Eechelen, 1499 Luxembourg

Website: https://www.pure.lu/

Facebook: @pureluxembourg

Instagram: @pureluxembourg

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