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Snacks That Will Make You Feel Good

What is VegaSnacks?

What do Luxembourg & the MOON have in common? You can't (or rather couldn't) order snacks online in either of those places.

The combination of frustration with the status quo and a burning entrepreneurial spirit created the will to solve this problem - the right way - so VegaSnacks was born.

VegaSnacks is the first business of its kind in Luxembourg and allows people to compare, discover and order their snacks & products online and get them delivered in just a couple of days.
But this wasn't enough, wanting to not offer regular snacks and products but especially focusing on good quality products that will not just please the tongue but also nourish the body!
Multiple Snacks such as Flips, Cookies, Chocolate Bars standing inside of a Box
Not Your Typical Business

What We Value

Quality Products

Products that were made with quality in mind


Adding new products, services and experiences regularly


Fast Delivery, Quality Service, Satisfied Customers
Why Shop With Us?

From Luxembourg with Love

Our goal is to make access to Snacks that will make you feel good easier & more convenient. Shopping for products & discovering new tastes should be a pleasure and not a chore!

Snacks That Will Make You Feel Good

For us, it's crucial to have good & delicious snacks. That's why all the snacks that we offer are 100% Vegan with many also being made from organic ingredients and/or Fairtrade. 


Not only the ordering of snacks but also getting your snacks in an easy, fast and reliable way, is our priority.

Growing Catalogue

Always buying the same 3 products is like always watching the same 3 movies - it's nice but it doesn't get you excited. That's why we expand our catalogue weekly so you always have new products to try!
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